Tub Teas

Tub Teas

"Soak your troubles away!"
GFresh Emporium Tub Teas are made from Epsom Salts, real Green Tea, Dried Herbs, Dried Flowers, and Essential Oils. Each bag of Tub Tea is made with disposable fabric safe for the environment - sewn and filled by hand with love! Drop one GFE Tub Tea into a steaming bath for a relaxing, mess-free spa experience.

Two Tub Teas per package. Available in four scents:

Get Relief - filled with a soothing mixture of Epsom salts, natural dried Green Tea Leaves and a perfect hint of Dried Lavender

Get Hype - a sensual combination of purifying Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Green Tea leaves, and real dried Orange Peels

Get Peppy - sure to pep you up! With an energizing blend of Dried Peppermint Leaves and natural Peppermint Essential Oil

Chill Out - a relaxing blend of dried Chamomile Flowers and Dried Lavender
For a relaxing experience, simply drop tea in a steaming bath.

Get Romantic - a dreamy combination of Epsom salts, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Rose oil and Rose Petals