Air Fresheners

$5.00 - $30.00
Air Fresheners

Long-lasting but not overpowering, this is the perfect air freshener for the car, the bathroom, around the cat litter box... really, anywhere you want to make smell good! Grab a Super Sampler for all 7 scents at a discounted price - save $5!

Party Peach
A fresh take on peach, this robust scent will take you back to the cobbler of your youth while lifting the space it fills with a sweet fruity aroma.

Sassy Cinnamon
A spicy scent reminiscent of holiday times or Big Red chewing gum.
Part sass, part cinnamon, this spicy scent warms up any space. Set the tone of your holiday parties with this great air freshener!

I Put A Smell On You
Mildly spicy, but boldly aromatic- this scent is calming, comforting and pleasant. Popular with all who try it.

Spring Fever
Uplifting and refreshing, this scent freshens things up- and fast. Great for all of your toughest smells including gym bags and kitty litter boxes. Strong but not overpowering- a must have.

Life Is A Beach
Fruity and a little tropical: hints of pineapple make this a great scent for summer breezes and beach bags.

Mighty Fine Pine
Miss the great outdoors? Enjoy this fresh rustic smell today!
Freshen up gym bags, cars and your cabin in the woods- this charming pine scent will blend with any environment and create effortless freshness.

Cool As A Cucumber
Embrace this refreshing, crisp scent and breathe in the relaxation. Pleasant cucumber melon helps you chill out and feel like you're treating yourself to a day at the spa.

Super Sampler Special
All 7 air fresheners - a $35 value - for $30!